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Where it started

Fiber optic research began along time ago. Actually as far back as the Romans. Along the way, several different means and methods were discovered. Most were in the medical field and produced several promising results. Ultra pure glass was discovered in 1970. Because of that, attenuation was reduced drastically and current day fiber optic technology was developed. In the late 70’s and early 80’s we started seeing communications companies investing heavily into fiber optic voice networks around the world. At that point the world was using fiber optic technology as we know it today.

Some Fiber Optic Uses

Fast forward again to present day. Fiber optic technology is used around the world for a plethora of applications. Industrial communications to gather data from machines in plants and factories literally at the speed of light provides a human being crucial data in an instant to control and make decisions needed for safety, efficiency and environmental reasons. Critical assets can be secured with fiber optic technology. By analyzing changes in the light waves in the fiber optic strands themselves, we can determine, within a few feet where a breech has occurred. Since light can travel through a fiber for long distances around a fence perimeter, it’s especially easy to see the benefits fiber security systems can provide for your large facility.

Pipeline Leak Detection

We can utilize fiber optics for pipeline leak detection as well. We install fiber optic cables along the length of a pipeline. When the pipeline leaks, the ground is heaved due to frost or intrusion has occurred, the fiber is bent and causes the light to be distorted. Similar to the security example above. In this article from jw energy, Husky Midstream is setting their standards to include fiber optic sensing technology from HiFi engineering on ALL of their new heavy oil pipelines. I applaud Husky for making the big decision to install fiber optic sensing technology to protect the environment as well as their own assets. This is a large initial cost but the long term value is priceless. For decades to come, these pipelines will be on 24/7 watch. Should anything go wrong, the impact will be greatly minimized.

Where We Can Help

Holloway Technical Services is very experienced with fiber optic installation, testing, repair and troubleshooting. We have been involved in the oil and gas industry for 30 years so we understand the business. We use the most up to date equipment available on the market. That means when you hire us for a fiber optic project, you get the best your money can buy. You can rest well knowing your project was installed by professionals. When we finish the project, our ODTR equipment provides you a full spectrum picture of each fiber installed so you know there are no weaknesses in the link. Give us a call at (405) 223-9352 or send us a message via our message board to discuss in depth the various ways we can help you.

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